What I Learned in Vancouver + 2018 Mid-Year Goal Check In

Hello, m’fitties!

In 6 months it’ll be Christmas again. The countdown is on.

Actually, it’s always been on for me, ever since December 26 2017 I’ve been waiting.







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I just came back from Vancouver and it was absolutely breathtaking. It’s the perfect blend of Urban meets nature; and the people are more passionate about wellness and lifestyle compared to the East coast (i.e. New York).

I have much footage and photos to go over, so bear with me as I catch up on life (Oh yeah, due to low funding my position at my old job was eliminated and now I’m working as a personal assistant to a business owner! And I love it–the other day I woke up excited to go to work. What. 🙂 That’s how you know you’re doing heart work and not hard work. I feel more fulfilled at this job compared to my last…but more on life updates in another post.) and go over these photos. Some I haven’t even reviewed yet!

My coworker/boss and I were chatting about this the other day, how the eastern side of North America is go-go-go and the Western coast more chillax. I have ea new perspective om L.A. now! Once I thought it was just to hot and busy and metropolitan; but if it’s going to have an emphasis on nature, wellness, and lifestyle, then I am sooooo moving there than New York. Other places I’ve considered are San Francisco, and Colorado. Hopefully, I’ll find somewhere cold. 🙂

I kept some of my receipts to tape into a scrapbook. Whee!

What I learned traveling to Vancouver:

I learned and proved to myself that I am strong; I am resilient. I AM able to balance discipline with grace.

  • I stuck to a regular IF routine on my trip, breaking it consistently around 1pm.
  • I spent money! $300 in the course of 5 days, 4 nights not including travel and accommodation (so  basically food, transportation, attractions and merchandise)
  • I followed my intuition to take an impromptu trip to begin with
  • I ran and exercised every day–Vancouver weather is just too beautiful to miss out on a run.
  • The Universe IS on my side; by blessing me with unusual, sunny weather while I stayed
  • The trip back when I was sleep-deprived, stressed and HANGRY, I pulled through the really bingey lows and even video edited some footage when I got back (and some even got DELETED; I was pissed off at the corrupted files but stayed strong and magic happened). I got some unpacking done and then slept/napped for a good 75 minutes midday. It was wonderful.
  • I didn’t worry (or have the mental capacity o worry and be anxious) about the normal things I do in my daily life because I was in a different environment. I was less neurotic about the placement of items, the chronological order of tasks being done, etc because I didn’t have the same visual cues. Oh, and because I could mess up my Air BnB as much as I wanted because I paid for the cleaning fee. Boo yeah. (Not that I left a mess anyway).
  • I traveled.
  • I traveled on my own.
  • BOO YAH.

It’s June and remember my goals for 2018 I did back in January?


Mid-Year Accomplishments:

  • Finished the grassfed beef sausages in my fridge
  • Started a weekly meditation practice (I do this 2-3 times a week and joined a meditation club on Wednesdays)

zen sandbox

zen sandbox

  • Started doing pen pals!
  • I traveled.
  • Finished editing that Cozy Sunday Winter Routine footage that’s been sitting in my computer since 5ever.
  • Watched the Cable Girls season 2
  • Watched 13 reasons why season 2
  • Find a personal assisting job

I’ve probably done a few other things but I can’t think of them all now. I’m honestly so proud of how much I’ve grown since the begining of the year–especially since March, things have turned upside down but I proactively grew from it.

I think that’ the beauty in us all; we an;t help but grow. No matter what, no matter how long we prolong the process, we grow. We are healing, and overcoming in the trajectory of time.


  • Find a coach
  • Get a raise
  • Slowly realign my meals with more grace, intention gratitude and minfulness instead of scarfing down everything all for the sake of time

myself eating

  • Hold a handstand without a wall for 1 minute

yoga photoshoot August 2016 king pigeon backbend

  • Mater a new backbend
  • Meet Itsiana, another girl boss youtuber!
  • Find a fitness sorority
  • Reach 2K on Instagram
  • Reach 1.5 K on Youtube
  • Take on a new client
  • Clear out computer clutter
  • Finish remainder of my private acting classes
  • Travel (again)
  • See a musical
  • Use makeup more
  • Take on dance as a regular hobby
  • Reconnect with Ivy (where did she go?)
  • Read The Universe Has Your Back

Mantra for the next 6 months:

~~Find yourself in flow~~


What’s your mantra for the rest of 2018? What’s your proudest accomplishment so far this year?