What’s Been Going On Lately

Hello m’fitties! And hello spooky things and evil queen’s. Halloween is one of my most favorite holidays ever, probably my 2nd after Christmas, but then again, my family has never really a celebrated any holidays and only half-assedly put any effort into Halloween, Christmas, and birthdays. We buy takeout on every one of those occasions and call it a day. Asian fitties, can you relate?

Holiday is a terminology not in their vocab.

{Messy hair, oversized shirts, no pants type of day.} A reminder to enjoy the mundane tasks in life. Today's challenge: Smile doing one thing today– may that be reading your bible, answering emails, walking on the treadmill, folding laundry ordering coffee… • •• ••• What's holding you back from your fullest, most joyful, potential? Lacking motivation? Let's have a chat–you can gain all of this with me! Email me: ✔PERSONAL TRAINING/LIFESTYLE COACHING: [email protected]✔ ❤Do this for you.❤ • •• ••• #awakened #spirituality #happiness #motivation #depressionsupport #staystrong #lightworker #happinessmotivation #positivity #growthmindset #mindovermatter #dontbediscouraged #personaldevelopment #strongmindstrongbody #spiritual #spiritofgiving #spiritofkindness #celebratethesmallthings #vibrations #mantra #yogi #emotionalhealth #depressionrecovery #depressionwarrior #nevergiveup #joyologist

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School has been so immensely busy that I am not even working part time like I did last year. I’m doing 3 hours a week as opposed to the usual 9. Thank the Lord for my nice understanding manager(I do have to make up for the hours that i’m missing later on, gulp!) I have evening rehearsals for an upcoming production. I play a dickhead radio show host with a big heart! I’m going to be honest, I was shocked to be cast in this role at first! I had my heart set on another role, and was shocked at the person who actually got cast as that role. To be honest, I was pretty taken aback by the entire casting. None of it seemed to make sense.

carried away on the crest of a wave

A play I’m doing a scene in

There’s a market hosted by my school to buy groceries and pick up articles of clothing. Get this; every week at the thrift shop, you are allowed to pick up 3 items for free! What?! I found myself with an awesome leather white jacket, a black cotton coat, and in umbrella last week. Boom. That could have costed me $30 or more, but nope! 🙂 Also, the weekly produce that I purchase there is fresh, supports local farmers, and comes at a very decent cost. For example, spinach is a $1.50, cucumbers are 80 cents each, one zucchini (which is small) is 30 cents, and broccoli is $2. And they taste better than the produce I get from the local grocer!


Adapt Your Life

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Some other things I’ve been working on include:

  • Othello act 3 scene 3 Desdemona’s monologue
  • Act 4 scene 3 of Leave by Sarah Ruhl
  • Carried away on the crest of a wave. I play Rick.
  • Incorporating a long run on Sunday is something that I’m trying to do.
  • Attend a spin class during the week is another thing.

Thanksgiving passed in Canada this October 9; I’ve decided to turn 3 negative aspects into positive ones:

  • My housemate smokes upstairs and a smoke filters into my room = I am thankful to have air ventilation to keep my room a comfortable temperature. Maybe I should invest in an air filter
  • I have so much homework and research to do for acting projects = I am thankful to have hands-on work instead of most students who spend their time studying with their heads buried in their text books.
  • It’s too crowded at the gym and I hate that = I am thankful to have access to a facility that lets me work out.

What did you do for Thanksgiving? What did you eat? 

October 28 marks my half birthday! So what’s my actual birthday? Comment below if you can figure it out! What should I treat myself with? Once you? Half a shirt? Do you celebrate half birthdays?


  • I had to decrease my work hours in the week as well! It used to be twelve and now it’s eight! But anyways, I can totally relate to how busy you feel. But don’t worry love–you’ll get through everything!
    The market sounds amazing as well! Free items?! What can be better than that? I remember Halloween was the time for me to dress up like any Disney princess I wanted. I think I was almost every one of them! XD Eventually, I started dressing up as anime characters, LOL!
    Ah, I’m so jelly that you’re working in a play now! Wishing you all the best of luck in your roles 😀

    • What animes?! My favourite is a code geass.

      And what is your favourite Disney princess? You know, cassey and her friends are doing the whole Disney princess videos ^^ they’re fun to watch.

  • I have to make up the hours and That is no fun! Its alright though; the oay is pretty good.

    I’m sorry you had a bad experience with Halloween. Will you be dressing up this year? Maybe a couples costume with your husband?

  • Have you tried going to the gym at off-hours — early AM or late PM? In college, I used to go early AM right at opening and my roommate preferred to go right before it closed. Definitely quieter than the mid-day/evening rushes!

    • My classes already start pretty early so I’m not willing to head all the way there so early beforehand, and then in the evening I’m already sleepy so I don’t! If the gym was located just downstairs from me it would be a different story but it takes 20 minutes to walk there!