My Biggest Struggle With Loneliness

If you’ve ever felt lonely, down, or upset at yourself, and feel it manifest from your emotions into your physical body, this one’s for you.

Stay strong. Tough times don’t last, but tough people do.

Hello m’fitties! I hope you’ve been social, present, happy these days because I am about to share with you the biggest struggle I had during this reverse exercise series–or actually, in my entire life.



It’s not the first time I’ve talked about blogged about feeling empty: I wrote about how my melancholy made me that friend, and how loneliness contributes to SAD and Binge eating and addictions in general–here’s my story. (And here’s how to stop)

What surprised me was that the emotional body manifests itself physically into my body–something I knew was entirely possible but it still caught me off guard when it happened to me.

What’s helped me cope:


Tune into the video on my whole shpeel on what I went through over the last weeks of summer.

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Are you an introvert or extrovert? When you go through periods of social isolation, how do you cope? What do you do?


  • This line really resonates with me “Tough times donโ€™t last, but tough people do.” Couldn’t watch the video though because of spotty wifi ๐Ÿ™

    In case you didn’t notice the last time we met up, I’m more on the introverted side (although personality tests say I am an ENFJ). Isolation is when I experience the most personal growth.

    • I did notice that you were an introvert! Let me know when you get a chance to watch the video. I think if the last line resonates with you, the video will speak to you too.

  • I really want to try journaling again. I’ve noticed that with writing, I can get so much off my chest! There is so much that I can relate to in this video. When I feel lonely, I assume it’s because no one wants to be around me, and I find living the rest of my life absolutely futile.

    • Know that you are never truly alone, no matter how alone you may feel. That is what I tell myself on the toughest days. <3

      Journaling is so great–and you end up with a novel to look back on as well ๐Ÿ™‚