Mid-2017 Resolutions Check-In

June is here, June is here! Oh my gosh, in 6 months it'll be Christmas all over again and there'll be snow! Half the year has gone by–time to revisit your 2017 resolutions. Here's what I've accomplished: ✔gotten certified for personal training ✔gotten certified for health coaching ✔consistently published a blog post per week ✔consistently published a youtube video per week ✔started reading books (like this one!) ✔finished 2nd year acting at uni ✔watched 13 reasons why ✔started weight lifting at the gym (holla!) ✔finished 1 workout calendar month without missing a day ✔gotten my Baton Rouge virginity taken away (dude, their lobster is the best) Wow, I'm really proud of myself. There's still a lot of things to knock off the rest of the 6 months, and you know what? I might not be able to and that's okay–as time goes on, I am allowed to change my goals, change my values and realign with something new. Every second a dead skin cell falls off and I'm ~reborn~. What have you accomplished thus far? Time to celebrate that! What still needs working on? Are you halfway there? What's realistic for you right now? Do you need to change your goals? Tell me what you're proud of in the comments below! • •• ••• What's holding you back from your fullest, most joyful, potential? Lacking motivation? Let's have a chat–you can gain all of this with me!  Email me: ✔PERSONAL TRAINING/LIFESTYLE COACHING: [email protected]✔ ❤Do this for you.❤ • •• ••• #finishstrong #fitnessjourney #2017resolutions #motivation #bbgcommunity #intentions #accomplishments #goals #setyourintentions #yourestrongenough #2017goals #2017motivation #2017body #2017 #bodyunderconstruction #june2017 #newyearnewyou #goalcrusher #wins #fitlife #bingeeating #emotionaleating #BEDrecovery #fitchick #depression #midyear #nevergiveup #junegoals #positivevibes #2017strong

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June is here, June is here! Oh my gosh, in 6 months it’ll be Christmas all over again and there’ll be snow!

Remember my post back in the beginning of my year, rounding out my 2016 accomplishments and 2017 resolutions? Half the year has gone by and a lot of happened. Tears, smiles, memories, apifanies epiphanies (ai promice ai kun engrish), –time to revisit my 2017 resolutions.

2017 Goals:

  • Gain 400 more youtube subscribers
  • Finish the 2nd semester of my acting program at school
  • Find time to relax, chill and laugh (maybe watch season 2 of Stranger Things!) <–still a work in progress!
  • Sponsor 2 people on to shop consulting
  • Battle BED’s nasty habits
    • By loving myself unconditionally
    • By breathing and appreciating
  • Be more spontaneous and free and present
  • Visit more people–> SAY YES more often.

selfie counselling therapy


  • Indulge in the positive aspect of everything (<–I’ve started listening to self-development podcasts on my runs and journaling CBT methods)
  • Continue going to therapy (<–I stopped in May since that’s when my counselor retired and now I’m back on the waitlist)
  • Travel somewhere
  • Meet a follower in-person (I reached out to someone and we met downtown at Second Cup!)
  • Try pole dancing
  • Try aerial silk
  • Volunteer work! Adding value to other people’s lives add value to my own.

I’ve accomplished a few things I’ve been always meaning to do that I haven’t written on my blog but have in my EC planner (which I visit on a daily basis):


  1. gotten certified for personal training
  2. gotten certified for health coaching
  3. consistently published a blog post per week
  4. consistently published a youtube video per week
  5. started reading books (like this one!)
  6. watched 13 reasons why
  7. started weight lifting at the gym
  8. finished a workout calendar without missing a day

gym incline shoulder presses

Refining the rest of my goals for 2017:

One thing I’ve realized this past month is to be conscious of how I use the terms goals and intentions.

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Intentions > goals.

It sounds better because one is conducive to the practice/journey while the other is results =oriented, which isn’t great for my perfectionist mentality. It’s important to recognize your efforts towards an action rather than the outcome of the action itself, because while the action is something you actively do, the outcome is never guaranteed and you might end up disappointed. I know I do if something doesn’t happen the way I want it to, and it’s always good to honour my efforts no matter what the outcome. 🙂


What have you accomplished thus far? Time to celebrate that! What still needs working on? Are you halfway there? What’s realistic for you right now? Do you need to change your goals?

  • You’re doing great, Linda. Most people pretty much give up by the second or even first resolution because they are generally very unrealistic about what they truly want to accomplish, or they just don’t have the burning passion and desire to achieve their goals as you do. I hope that you can continue to heal in your journey, love yourself along the way, and grow into a better, wiser, and stronger person! Lots of love XO Cassie

    • Oh Cassie, it means a lot to me that you are taking the time out of your day to read my blog post! You are one and vicious bad ass mother F ER as well! Always love talking to you.