10 “Oopsie!” Confessions {#LIPlinkup #15}

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Here we go!

a linkup with Jen, and Becky

Oopsie Confessions


I was texting a friend the other day as I always do commuting to school and we played a confession game. The rules are simple. Confess 10 things and tag 10 people–one for each confession. You can talk about something embarrassing, something no one knows about, or a guilty pleasure. So before I dive into the #LIPlinkup part of this post, enjoy my Oopsie’s!

Confession #1:
I’ve kissed a girl. For lays ketchup chips. In kindergarten. We were best friends and really into Barbie movies, I followed Kayla around and she one day decided to reenact the ending of Barbie movies where the Prince kisses her and I went along with it for the food. Ketchup has always been my favourite.

Confession #2:
I once twice or three times ate more than half an entire 500g cheese block at a friend’s house over the Christmas holidays.

Confession #3:
I had no friends in grade 5. I was so scared of going to school every day.

Confession #4:
I shoplifted and got caught once. Don’t know what I was thinking–oh wait, that’s right, I wasn’t.

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Confession #5
If I could go back in time I would take dance and sports from a young age and get good enough to make a career out of it. Of course, my parents would never have supported it anyway.

Confession #6:
Sometimes when I don’t hear what someone just said (I have terrible hearing) I just nod and say, “yeah”.

Confession #7:
When I allow myself dairy, I pick off the cheese in a dish, eat it, convince myself it’s free calories, then somehow try to reassemble the dish for the next person. For example for a cheese sandwhich I’d take out the cheese and then replace it with sliced ham, if I find some in the fridge and then side it aside like I never tampered with it.

Confession #8:
I’ve never had a real first kiss.

Confession #9:
Food confession: I’ve been hesitant, but I think I’m going to try eating eel and duck. Eel has fantastic cholesterol which produces hormones and duck fat is just downright delicious. Unfortunately neither are very high in saturated fats, but I’ll just add some coconut oil to the dish and ba-bam. Now…how do I cook eel?

Confession #10:
I was asdfghjkl when I got a handheld frother. This is the life I live.

Do you relate to any of these confessions? What drives you up the wall? Are my confessions any of your pet peeves? How do I cook eel?

Tagging and giving a shoutout to some of my favourite bloggers:

  • Amanda(her granola muffins are simply amazing)
  • Deborah(how could I forget Confessions Of a Mother Runner in a Confessions post?)
  • Farrah(give her some love for recently becoming affiliated with #SweatPink!)
  • Jessica(If you’re looking for articles on fitness, her regular Tuesday “Fit Switch” link ups with Jill are fantastic, and I devour them every week.)
  • Heather(a fitty who also likes performing arts like me!),
  • Brittany(IIFYM queen and new fitness channel I watch regularly),
  • Sam(amazing girl who’s raw and honest and whose blog I read daily),
  • Michele(hullo paleo runner whom i constantly stalk and admire),
  • Kirtley(the best writer of health and fitness articles, seriously. I resonate with like, everything she preaches)

And this is just half the list of bloggers I read, guys. I admire so many bloggers out there that I didn’t mention. Maybe next time I’ll share some with you but I’m only allowed 10!

And now for Life In Pictures:

Guess who got a job as a cashier and cook?

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💖Parsley makes everything better 💖 ➡Slow cookedbeef ribs ➡Parsley Bam, add some spices and you have lunch. 🙂

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To run or not to run in -23 degree weather with wind….

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Got a text from a friend who came. back from the gym. My reply? "LOL Well NOW YOU CAN OUTRUN DEM SINCE TODAY WASNT LEG DAY"

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  • Great confessions! I didn’t exactly shop lift but was with my college roommate when she did and as we were walking out of the store she put a necklace in my pocket! I felt awful!!! Haha

  • Sigh, #5 is definitely one of mine! Unagi is pretty wonderful, not gonna lie. :O I also really miss Peking duck. Food variety’s kinda scarce over here, so I’ve had to learn to make most of the things I want to eat, har har.

    Thanks for nominating me! I will get to it on my confessions! 😛 Looking forward to checking out the others as well! 😀 I haven’t heard of/read some of their blogs yet! :]

  • Good confessions!! I’m finding it hard to come up with one, so good job on coming up with 10 🙂 Whenever I would visit my cousin in France, we would take the Metra without paying! I’m not proud of it and thankfully we never got caught! I definitely don’t do that anymore, it’s not worth getting caught and paying the fine! Congrats on getting a job 🙂

  • EEL. IS. BETTER. THAN. BOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EAT IT NOW!

  • Rachel

    #5!!!! I wish I could go back and start running again and taking it seriously. Or even singing. I loooove singing.

    Thanks for having me as part of the linkup 🙂

  • Confessions are one of those things I can never think of on the spot! I also have a bad habit of pretending I hear people when I actually have no idea what they said…or I’ll say “what?” once and if I still couldn’t make out what they say then I just smile and laugh:)

  • I must say refeed days are something I’ve only read about recently, and got all excited until I realized you kind of have to work your butt off to actually do it, and not just as an excuse to munch big 😉

    I’ve also discovered HIIT recently and it is just awesomesauce for when I’ve got 10 hour shifts and can’t get to the gym for classes – it’s also giving me so much more confidence to try out the weights section at the gym when I get time again and diversify my workouts (I see you also like to mix it up, which yields better, more well-rounded results).

    Interesting confessions! When I was a vegetarian I was obsessed with cheese and could easily polish off a whole block. Every time I went to the kiosk nearby my house the lady behind the counter would look at me and say “more cheese?”. :p

  • fairytalesandfitness

    I do confession #6 alot. I come across many people while im at work and I am always saying yeah to them when I don’t understand what they are saying. .haha. fairytalesandfitness

  • Linda, thank you SO much for sharing these things!! I so admire you. I have a confession- I have shoplifted too. Stupidest thing ever but it gave me the wake up call I needed!

  • I would probably kiss a lot of people to get my favorite food. Don’t tell my husband I said that LOL