What I Got In My October Foodie Care Package + Most Perfect Day!

Happy Halloween!
Well, this post was supposed to go out last Friday on Halloween but I was so stressed and tired that I just couldn’t bring myself to finish editing the video going along with this post. I finally found the time to edit the following weekend, so here it is on a later date–enjoy.
What I got in my october foodie care package

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care package october

The care package from Christene.


seed to sausage sausage

Dried Salami Sausage

This was the best thing.

super happy selfie
On October 22 2014, I had the best day ever. Why? Because life was good to me. I wasn’t hit with anything terrible or out of place. In fact, everything went better than I expected. Thanks, life! Let’s recap my hysteria on tumblr:
  • I SET 3 PRs TODAY,

I had quite possibly the best and most productive day I’ve ever had in months. Everything went as I had planned, and some great extra things happened that day.

At 5:30 am I woke up. I checked my emails.

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At 6:00am I did an insanity workout. The longest and one of the hardest ones—max interval training was 75 minutes! I championed through it and felt like those pylometric moves that used to get me breathless in 30 seconds I went on for 1 minute at a steady pace. It’s time to ramp it up and jump higher, get more reps in in a small time frame to really push myself since I’m starting to adapt. Good for athletic performance, bad if you want to continue improving your fitness.

insanity max interval circuit

Then I took a cold shower at 7:20am and from there, I knew my day was headed in the right direction.

My first period was dance class. The teacher was overall satisfied with our group experimental performance to a Jazz Number, “Question of You”. Being an inexperienced dancer among the others, that was good enough for me. 🙂

Second period called for a math test, which I felt I aced. I knew how to answer every question, even in words! If I were to talk out the answer, I could. That’s how you know you understand the unit well. I’m confident that I will receive a good mark and I actually can’t wait to get it back. From the feedback of two classmates, they weren’t so pleased with the test, but I’m glad I did well because I desperately needed this test to boost my marks, which, are sobbing.

Lunch was great. I broke my fast with exactly what I prepared from last night and tried not to worry about my macros and calories, whether I got them right or not. When you’re under true ketosis, it really shouldn’t matter and you can actually work with little fuel since your entire fat stores your body can use for energy. I had some pork meat mixed with coconut oil and chili lime juice, parsley, bone broth(which is so so so nutritious for you), and get this…coconut ice cream! All paleo, all natural, easy, wholesome, and low carb. Yummy!

coconut ice cream

Coconut ice cream with chocolate syrup! Anyone want the recipe?


Happy selfie.

Then female fitness came. In the back of my mind I was dreading this because, and I feel that many athletes can relate, I put pressure on myself to run hard and train hard. If I don’t at one point feel breathless, it’s not “good enough”. It’s a mentality that’s hard to push away, but I told myself to just get on the treadmill and see what happens because I often surprise myself how much might I have. Turns out, I PR-ed. I PR-ED!! My fastest 2 miler, 2.5 miler, and 3 miler ever. Wow, wow, wow!


Chilling out at goodlife after a run.

And finally, after school I had rehearsals for the Drama play, As You Like It. It ended at 5:45pm with me feeling mentally tired from all the memorizing. I felt phony in my acting today, like I was trying to find emotions that weren’t really there and I wasn’t sure what I’m supposed to feel at certain parts of the scene. It was an off day for me in acting but at the very end when everyone left and it was just me and the director in the room, he told me that my work was excellent for this kind of material, and I get the feeling he favoured me a little bit more than my fellow coworkers because I have a lot of potential. His words! And he thinks I was awesome for forging my parent’s signature just to have a chance to audition for the Arts school I currently attend.



My literal thoughts that day:

out of 10 my joy is like a 10 honestly i did everything i wanted to do today and the world thanked me back by giving me great feedback and love i love life today

i am satisfied and can sleep happy

i hope college life will be like this forever

i also want to be a teachers pet, deal with it >:P

a link up with Amanda, Becky, Jenn, Jill and Jessica for The Fit Dish Katie, Heather, and Clare.

 How would you go about your perfect day?

Ever wanted to be the teacher’s pet?

Best thing you got in the mail this month?

  • Yay for 3 PR’s and just an all round GREAT day! I love Insanity’s Max Interval Circuit though it’s been awhile since I did it!

    • It’s probably the toughest workout in the series! But have you tried Insanity Asylum?

      • No – I haven’t tried Asylum – have you? I flipped over to P90X and P90X3 and now doing The Beast on and off…

        • I have tried only 1 video and it wasn’t as intense as insanity. I haven’t heard of The Beast, but I hear P90X is more strength based than HIIT cardio. Am I right?

          • Yes – you are right – am trying to transition into more lifting/strength workouts so it works for me 🙂

  • Congrats on your PR’s and your math test! (And pretty much everything else!) Glad that today’s going well for you! :]

  • I love those days when every single thing goes right, they’re the best!! Congrats on the PR’s and the math test, that’s so awesome!! 🙂

  • I LOVE THE LIGHTNING IN THE BACKGROUND of your video!!! I miss the rain! LOL! And Uh GIRL….. I SMELL MEAT all day every day and LOVE IT 😉

  • Angela @ HonestlyAngela

    Glad you had such a good day! I have thought about joining foodie pen pals but I haven’t got on it yet. Maybe in the future!

    • You should try it for January! They’re taking a break at the moment, but try it at least once in your life. It’s fun.

  • Hahaha congrats on the most perfect day!! It DOES sound stellar. Ok, you’ve inspired me I’m going to aim for a perfect day tmrw 🙂 (wait, does life work like that or do they come when you least expect it?) Hmm… (Commencing great scientific life experiment…)

  • That salami sausage looks delish! Congrats on your awesome day 😀

  • Lauren @ i had a big lunch

    What an awesome day! Sounds very similar to my perfect day haha – get up early, get in a morning workout, blog, eat well, dinner/drinks with friends, maybe a movie night. Coconut ice cream!!!! The best

  • Khushboo Thadani

    Love the positivity that this post is bursting with- yay for a perfect day :)! I am yet to try Insanity but I’ve heard great things- love that you can do it at home.

  • masala girl

    hey! can you post the link for the foodie exchange?! I’d love to participate!

    • It’s over at theleangreenbean.com but they’re taking a break until January. Meanwhile, I’d be happy to do an exchange with you if you so happened to live in Canada!

      • masala girl

        i’m in ohio sorry 🙁

  • Girl 75 min workout?!! You rock!! Will totally love to get the recipe for coconut ice cream with chocolate syrup!

  • Jessica Joy @theFitSwitch

    What an amazing day! I love when I pack a day as full as possible; it’s so fulfilling. ‘course, I crash a little early, but it’s worth it. I did a lot of acting in high school, and want to congratulate you on your hard work. Shakespeare is tough! And, I am not surprised you pred in your running. Insanity is AMAZING crosstraining for runners. I am an instructor, and all my prs happened when I was doing more Insanity and less running. When I switched the two, I got slower. haha. Thanks for linking up, Linda!

  • jillconyers

    What an awesome day! Congrats on the test. Don’t you feel great when your diet is dead on! I’m so tempted to try Insanity.

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