School Schedule vLog + What I Got at Whole Foods {WIAW #8}

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$20 Whole Foods Haul + School Schedule


So I’m not so pleased with my school schedule and im hoping it’ll change sometime soon.

My school runs on a 2-semester system. Half the school year is one semester and each semester you take 4 different courses, allowing you to focus on 4 courses at a time instead of all 8 year-round.

Semester one Schedule.

Semester one Schedule.

I usually don’t mind and actually prefer to have female fitness first or last thing in my day but not when it’s in semester 1! I have adrenal fatigue and I can’t do cardio so I can’t do this course. Besides, even if I miraculously healed up, I’d join the cross country team first semester but boy, with female fitness, dance, and cross country, I’d be really burnt out.

And I can’t switch my course to second semester because the only course offering female fitness is in first. Noodles!

Adapt Your Life

Keto friendly bars!

wiawphotobuttonNow the WIAW component(thanks, Jenn and Amanda!) Really, I should have called it WIBW aka What I Bought because I’m going to show you what I got on a $20 whole foods shopping spree.

Is $20 even heard of at Whole Foods?

  • Organic Parsley – one curly, sexy herb.
  • Organic Dill – great for salads!
  • Chili Lime Dressing – to keep food interesting.
  • Fish Saucereally keeps food interesting.
  • Mini coconut milk – so overpriced was this little bae but I’m desperate for dessert-making for COM’ERELittleBae!

Hope you enjoyed the video!

What’s your schedule this fall? Tell me your plans! Out with the old, in with the new?