How Much Are You Spending On Coffee? + 18K RUN + {WIAW #16}

Do you purchase a cup of coffee a day?

Maybe twice?

Three times, even?


For me, I typically go with tea, and if I do purchase coffee, I go with decaf because regular coffee doesn’t make me sleep very well and also dehydrates my cells. I’m really loving the Celestial Seasonings Gingerbread Cookie tea and I’m sipping that as I’m writing this now. My classmates are up early at 8:30am at the lineup at Starbucks, ordering their morning expressos and lattes, and I wonder how much money the spend on coffee a day. Being a university student living on campus is really not a cheap investment. Every meal on campus costs at least $10, multiply that by 3 a day and then 7 days a week, we’re talking over $210 dollars a week on food here! And that’s just ONE person! My mom spends only $60 a week on groceries for a family of 5. The last thing you should be spending money on is drinks, but it can’t be helped sometimes as a post-secondary student living on residence, especially for those 8:30am classes.

Luckily, I’ve never been addicted to coffee or any sort of liquids; I’ve never been a huge fan of pop of juice even as a child. My bees knees is actual food(coughcoughCHEESEcoughcoughNUTBUTTERS).

I found this infographic over at about money and coffee:


How to Cut The Costs

No one is saying give up your love for coffee, especially the coffee industry, but when you look at how much you may be spending, there are a few ways to cut back and save some money.

Adapt Your Life

Keto friendly bars. In CANADA? Enter coupon free220 here at checkout to receive a free ADAPT sample with your order!

Reduce the size: Get a medium or small cup as opposed to a large cup. This can save you 30%.

Go simple: Skip the cappuccinos and get a regular filtered coffee.

Skip the extras: Coffee shops sell much more than just coffee. Skip the muffins, crisps, and cakes.

Loyalty rewards: If a coffee shop offers loyalty stamps or cards, use them and save.

See more at:


So while you won’t be seeing lots of posts on my social media with drinks, you will be seeing lots of food and runs:


A photo posted by Linda (@thefitty) on

…and that snow has melted by now and the first week of December has passed. I sure hope Toronto has a white Christmas this year. It’d be miraculous, since we haven’t had one since 2008!  

Some lunches I had:

Popeyes Poutine

One Sunday the room/housemate and I went to get poutine from Popeyes. I told her she ain’t tasted the real thing yet, because Costco’s are absolute bomb.

cream of bacon soup

I made some cream of bacon soup. You can find the recipe on my Instagram.

smoke's poutinery

And when Smoke’s Poutinerie came on campus I ordered a box of cheese curds and gravy. Words cannot describe how amazing this tasted. I am no longer a Smoke’s Poutinerie virgin.

Henna. With the roommate.

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  My housemate did some henna on my left hand and I find it beautiful. I left it to dry overnight as I was sleeping and woke up to find a huge mess everywhere! Lesson learned: Never go to bed with henna unless you’ve rubbed off the black goo.

Another run! I’ve decided to do weekly speed sessions at the indoor track to help me build a faster base for running. Typically they’re 20 minutes long and then I jog back to the house. And the best dinner award goes to…

coconut ccurry pasta pork kidneys

COCONUT CURRY PASTA! I used pork kidneys, coconut milk, low calorie pasta, spices, and hot peppers! It tasted SO CREAMY and delicious, better than campus food. Oh my GAWD I loved this. I used 0 calorie noodles to make this and a single portion works out to be around 150 calories. This is keto and paleo friendly.

post shower selfie run

A selfie post-18k run this past Saturday. Jeez, I didn’t know I had that much in me. I never fail to amaze myself sometimes.

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How much money a week do you spend on tea and coffee? Do you always get a muffin with your coffee? Where do you purchase your coffee?

  • Very interesting coffee chart! I do love coffee! But I make sure I usually make my own at home or buy it at the cafeteria where it’s significantly cheaper than at regular coffee shops.

    • Good thought, do you own a coffee machine? I always use instant coffee.

      • Most of the time I use a handheld coffee filter. It takes a bit of practice, but after that it’s the cheapest, easiest and fastest route to a nice cup of coffee – and it definitely tastes better than instant coffee!

  • i hardly buy coffee but im more of a tea addict. and when i go, i usually opt for cold brew or regular black coffee..fancy coffee gets expensive plus its too sweet for me anyways. that poutine is killing me….

  • Jessie M

    I love coffee. But work has it for free & my house has it for free. So my Starbucks trips are limited to when I have a gift card I received = FREE.

    That coconut curry pasta looks delicious. Especially with those jalapenos on top. YUM! I’m a huge curry fan.

  • Diana

    So funny you mentioned that gingerbread tea. I just bought it at Sprouts and am obsessed. Ohhh coffee..I’ll never understand how people justify at least $5/ day on DRINKS. I buy a big bag of delicious vanilla coffee for $20 at Costco and it lasts like 100 cups worth.

    • Wow I ought to buy some vanilla flavoured coffee myself! I always look for decaf and there’s rarely any option for that though.

  • jillconyers

    No muffins. Just coffee. Starbucks. I have no idea how much I spend. I’m ok with however much it is 🙂

  • hehehe, I veryyy rarely ever drink coffee. (I think throughout my entire life, I’ve probably had it less than 50 times, if even.) Not spending money on drinks helps to save a whole crap ton of money!!

    Henna is so pretty! I just wrapped a plastic bag loosely around my hand to prevent it from making a mess, and it worked out pretty nicely! :O

  • I didn’t take up coffee drinking until middle age. But now I’m a Starbucks gold card member and proud of it. That said I brew coffee mostly at home and buy it out maybe once a week. Even then it’s plain delicious black so no guilt here.

  • I’m definitely guilty of overspending on coffee! But you’re very right that it saves A LOT if you go with simple, plain coffee instead of lattes and syrups etc. Love that cream of bacon soup pic :O

  • Nicole

    I make my own coffee every morning. It’s so much cheaper, and I think it tastes better anyway! I’m impressed that your mom only spends $60 a week for 5 people! What are her secrets?!