Meditation + I Ate Dairy and Nuts + Other Tidbits

a linkup with Amanda(for my thoughts out loud), Becky(for how I treated myself with these foods), Jenn(for what I ate lately), and Heather(for Favourites Lately) and Tab and Erika(for a Friday Roundup).

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So this week has been pretty chill with the workouts; I’ve toned it down a little bit to compensate for more stretching and sleeping. The last time I HIIT it hard? Instagram points to February 17th:


Did a short #insanity workout and then an @xhiit arm workout. Hoping to be unbelievably sore tomorrow. #sweathardeveryday guys!

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Next week is the week I’m supposed to rev up my training to twice a day–one intense session in the morning and a medium one in the afternoon. Let’s see how I do…I really hope it goes well, because after that week I have a planned rest week and I don’t wanna “waste” my rest week by not complimenting it with a hardcore week, as athletic performance will no doubt shoot up using a tactic like that as compared to just having regular workout amounts and then taking a rest week. My only request is that my stomach participate with me and digest all the food nicely before my workouts so I don’t feel sluggish.

I’m in the works of editing a vlog for my secondary youtube channel, but meanwhile, have you checked out my Top 5 Favourite Stretches yet? Maybe I’ll post the video next week.

stretching selfie

Have you done my stretching video yet?

I obviously should’ve incorporated a yoga mat because the hardwood floor was not good padding on my joints.

happy baby pose

Should’ve done this on a yoga mat…

Adapt Your Life

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So coming back from school and drinking tea, I spent a good 30 minutes in a heart opener on my bed with blocks between my shoulder blades and a pillow under my head and listened to this guided meditation. I've said before I wanted to start journaling more, practicing zen and gratitude, and that's why the past two days I've been absent from tumblr and Instagram a little bit. I don't know if I plan on taking an official "hiatus" yet, but just know that it isn't out of the question… So this mediation was good! At points I really felt like my mind was drifting away from my body and other points I got sucked into planning, planning, planning my day ahead. I'm glad I took the time out of my day to try meditation because I think it could help me in the long term deal with stress and binge eating and anxiety. I opened my eyes feeling calm and collected. I'm going to take a shower and stretch my tight upper back, then head to bed. I have an English debate to practice for, songs to study, and an audition to prep. And it's all going to be okay. 🙂

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Whole Foods

Whole Foods, yay!

I went to Whole Foods today and well…ate chips and dairy and nuts. I know, I know, not ketogenic nor paleo-friendly, and unfortunate that I vowed to stay dairy and nut free for the month of February, but the minute I saw free samples for 3 year-old cheddar, a bunch of excuses(oh, it’s FREE!) popped into my mind and I devoured a whole bunch, and to be honest they were slightly bitter and not at all quite as good as I expected them to be. So in a sense, that was a waste and I broke my longest dairy and nut free record(oh, I also had some almond butter from the grind-your-own almond butter machine I so love) for nothing(?) but I shrug it off and continue the rest of February dairy and nut free now. Besides, perhaps I’m pretty turned off by cheese…hopefully after that experience. But it was nonetheless a great place to be and survey all the lovely foods I wish I had.

Tomorrow is another 36 hour #IF! 🙂 So glad I don’t have to be prepping meals and stuff like that today because I got back home and barely have time to blog. I’m even pushing back my homework.

cold selfie

Baby it’s cold but aint snowing

It’s been a cold week and I’m using the neck of the jacket to hold up my ipod to my ear so I don’t have to hold the ipod itself with my hands to listen to the podcast. This was me commuting to school today. Other things that happened at school:

  • I had an English debate that went very well. I spoke a lot and also tried my best to give my fellow teammates a turn to rebut the other side(I was on the con side)
  • Our school is doing the “Sweeny Todd” opening number for the Spring Variety show. Has anyone ever seen that musical yet? I hear Johnny Depp is amazing in the movie and I ought to check that out. It’s crazy high for the soprano 1’s but I love it!
  • I’m looking forward to sleeping tonight.

 Anything exciting happening this weekend?

Are you getting a lot of snow, or just a lot of cold?

  • Love your stretching videos! I know how hard it is to avoid the temptation of those free samples, and sometimes everyone falls for them! I’m glad you’re not beating yourself up over it though 🙂

  • I’m gonna miss you lots if you go on your official hiatus, but I’ll hopefully be here when you’re back! <3 Do what you need to do! :] The weather here can't seem to make up its mind, so we've been getting alternating bouts of cold and/or snow. I am done with cold weather and want it to be warm again. :[

    I'm glad your debate went well, and it's awesome that your school's doing Sweeny Todd! I watched the movie some time ago, but haven't seen the actual musical.

    Stay warm! <3

  • t

    how do you not eat for that long? don’t you get hungry? how do you deal with the hunger?

  • Beauty in Christ

    Hmm… 🙂 Yes, last weekend one of my GOOD friends from church got married. It was so beautiful. I <3 weddings.

    Last week we got a lot of snow. I think we broke some sort of record for Colorado in February. It was all loaded into the last week of February. It also turned really cold. 😉 But it looks like it's going to go back up after Wednesday of this week. I love both warm days and cold days. Cold days are cozy. Warm days are fun to be outside in :o)

  • masala girl

    hey! I came to remind you about FPP :)) and what workout program are you doing?! sounds interesting!
    also, why the 36 IF? just curious!

    • Wait, what’s FPP again?

      And IF boosts my energy, curbs cravings, and increases longevity and productivity , just to name the surface of all the benefits!

  • Guest

    I keep meaning to get into yoga/meditation and then before I know it another month goes by! I got this app on my phoned called “calm” which is pretty good, but I only done for 3 nights in a row. I must order a yoga DVD, would you recommend any for a beginner?

  • Louise Letsome

    I keep meaning to get into yoga/meditation and then before I know it another month goes by! I got this app on my phoned called “calm” which is pretty good, but I only done for 3 nights in a row. I must order a yoga DVD, would you recommend any for a beginner? What a massive whole foods shop!

  • anonymous

    You are so disordered. How do you not see it!! You are way to skinny, you can’t help but fast for periods way longer than needed, your scared of carbs, and you feel the need to compensate for taking a REST WEEK!!! Its called a rest week for a reason. Its not rest week, work twice as hard next week. The worst part is, is that you are hurting your body, and then you come up with some excuse to justify your disordered eating. “prepping food takes to much time” is not a good excuse and you use it as jusification. God, get yourself together and get a therapist. You obviously need one.

  • Don’t worry about the dairy! It’s like my goal of going vegetarian for a week and then breaking it with sashimi! 😛 I think listening to your body, which you did, was the right thing to do!