This “Elitism” Bullshit That Goes With Being Vegan {WIAW #11} {#LIPlinkup #16}

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a linkup with Jenn, Heather,and Amanda

selfie funny


selfie funny

 Some vegans…I simply cannot tolerate(coughFREELEEcoughDURIANRIDERcough). I received a hate message on my blog the other day for eating liver. And quite naturally, I deleted the comment. Why do we need to put down others for not having the same diet? Not everyone shares the same nutritional philosophy, and that’s what makes the world go round. You aren’t more “elite” for being a vegan/vegetarian than anyone else; I don’t shove my paleo-keto diet down other people’s throats and I didn’t ask for your opinion to be shoved down mine.

if you’re vegan that’s great.

if you’re not vegan that’s also great.

if you’re vegan and you’re bashing other people for not being you’re a dumbass that needs to GTFO.

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You’re not better than anyone else for not eating animal products, let’s get that clear.

 The other day, I received a hateful comment from an anonmyous “Emma” that shamed me for eating meat.

Hello Emma. This one is for you.

You’re special.

I ate some extra bacon this week.

Just for you.


thick cut bacon

You go thick cut, you never go back.

salmon salad

salmon salad

I miss eating salads.

lint dark chocolate nutrition facts

The darker, the better.

liver and egg lunch

Actually eggs and liver though.

eggs and bacon


eggs and bacon

eggs and beef burger

pork cartilage

Can you guess what this is?

pork cartilage

pork cartilage

Pork knee cartilage. Uh huh.

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Highlights and lowlights of your week? Best thing you ate this week?

How do you like your eggs? Thin, or thick cut bacon?


  • Mmm! It all looks amazing, and I’m so with you about the haters.. why would someone waste their time just to spread anger?! I’ll never understand!

  • Gimme all that bacon. Eggs- always scrambled, slightly runny. (Is it weird that I also asked this question in my LIP link up today? Great minds…)

  • I love poached eggs! I totally agree which is why I prefer to never use any labels with how I eat. Lets just eat what makes us feel good and forget the rest!

  • sing it, sistah! In a year or two Emma will realize she’s missing stamina, skin looks like shit, etc. SO many vegans/vegetarians have turned to primal or paleo. But I won’t be (too) elitist about it. LOL

    • LOL I feel you sister! I’m paleo keto as you are and I’m glad we can sing out that diet humbly!

      • Hil

        How do you not understand how terrible eating this way is for your health? You may be fine now but this is not good for your arteries in the long run.

  • heather

    not all vegans think they are “elite”..

  • Jennifer

    What a mean-spirited and immature post. Wow. Grow up.

  • Lauren @ i had a big lunch

    I’m sorry some people feel the need to try and shame you for your food choices and try to change other people’s eating habits via blog comments. In my experience the best way to do that is to show how beneficial your way of eating is by example, not scolding or shaming people. Think of how many cultures throughout history have not only eaten meat, but EVERY part of the meat, so as not to waste it. Everyone is entitled to their own eating habits, and unless I’m mistaken, there is no proven way that is “the best.”

    • I cannot love you enough for this. The best way is truly to lead by example, and I love that you mentioned that our paleo ancestors respected their kill by eating all parts of the animal–from the meat down to the bones(bone marrow is actually SO GOOD).

  • I’ve never understood why people feel the need to force their beliefs (whether it be dietary, religious, just basic living, etc.) on others, or to shame them for not being just like them. NEWSFLASH. We’re all special snowflakes! We weren’t meant to all be the same! >_> That’d make for a disturbingly boring world. I’m sorry you had to deal with that!

  • Jake

    I agree with your argument against “elitist shaming”. No one should get insulting. But – as someone who is not a vegan – I think it is perfectly clear that veganism is in ethical aspects superior to meat-eating. not in a natural way, as it is nature’s way of life that some animals kill and eat others to survive, but in a civilizational way. regarding the masses of humans existing on this planet right now, it would be an ecological catastrophe if everyone of them would eat meat on a daily basis and in such huge amounts as humans used to do thousands of years ago and as “western” countries do. You just can’t deny that. Meat production uses up so many resources and there is not a lot of space left on this planet for growing grain to feed those animals. So – as much as I am promoting free choice of your diet, I think it is weird to be actually proud of doing something ecologically and ethically (mass production of meat is just cruel and has nothing to do with “hunter and gatherer culture” anymore) disastrous.
    I know it’s hard to resist food that is tasting amazing and it is hard to resist your habits and your cultural traditions, so I can understand anyone who says he finds it too hard to go vegan or something. And I can understand that someone finds paleo eating healthier than a “conventional western diet”, but I think it’s as ignorant poudly shoving people pictures of masses of meat in their faces as it is to insult someone for not being vegan…

    • little bird

      the FOOD CHAIN would disagree with you in your whole “veganism is ethically superior” bullshit.

      • Jake

        except that ethics and moral are neither about the food chain nor the law of the jungle…

        • little bird

          it’s the way of the world – to eat each other – so it’s not unethical to eat meat.
          I’m eating meat right now.
          it’s delicious.

          • jessica

            little bird= smaller mind

          • Jake

            Well, if you go by that rule, it wouldn’t be unethical if a stronger human kills a weaker human… Maybe you should look up ethics at a dictionary. And there is a reason (and a lot of consequences) we don’t all live in the wild anymore and kill what comes in front of us for food, don’t you think so? Human evolution at this point actually needs ethics that go far beyond the rule of the jungle to survive what we are doing to this planet by overpopulating respectively polluting the environment with loads of industrial production (-> meat production today is (sadly) no different than any other kind of industrial production and this is the point I want to make. It is not a “one against one and the stronger/faster one will win” anymore in these modern times).

            And to the “little bird = smaller mind” comment: Yes. Exactly. And for what do we want to use our big, efficient brains? Making billions of other creatures our tortured lust-slaves or trying to step higher on the scale of intelligence and likewise morals?

  • Kim

    I’m with you – what works for one doesn’t always work for someone else but it doesn’t make one right and the other wrong. We eat meat every day (practically every meal) because it works for us.
    I feel fortunate that even though I don’t eat “clean” like a lot of bloggers they respect my choices just like I respect theirs.
    Now I sort of want some bacon!!!

  • Life without bacon would be very sad indeed. I appreciate that not everyone wants to eat meat, but that doesn’t mean they should try to shame others.

  • Lauren

    I agree with your argument, but I think its pretty petty to respond with a bunch of photos of meat. Be the bigger person. Bloggers need a thick skin, just let comments like that roll off of your back. If you are secure in your decisions, there should be no need to explain yourself.

    • Angela

      I agree .. I think it’s a good idea to be the better person and show maturity by not showing consideration for rude comments

      • heather


  • little bird

    lol eating vegan is NOT superior in ethical aspects…Repeat after me, Jake:
    the FOOD CHAIN!!!!!!
    We all kill each other.
    You not eating meat doesn’t make corporation stop hacking the beaks off of chickens or stop animals from being caged indoors instead of being allowed to roam free.

    Go away, Jake!


  • I must be honest and say that I skipped over all the meat pics (as you know I’m vegan and it was just a bit gory :p), but I don’t think anyone should be bashed, dietary or ethical vegan or omni or whatever. I can understand why people have an intense reaction to either side, because it goes beyond what you put in your stomach for sustenance and extends to socio-cultural frameworks and systems in which people function and identify themselves.

    I married an omnivore, and it’s the perfect testing ground for respect and boundaries – he doesn’t give me grief (and is in fact very supportive) and hopefully I don’t tease him too much. It still makes me rather sad when non-vegans act like I’m mentally unbalanced for making my choices, and that it’s counter-intuitive to “evolution” or whatever, but I’ve never once gotten angry or gone on a bash because there’s really no point.

    I think everyone, whatever their lifestyle or diet, should practice compassion and understanding first and foremost, because no two people are alike, and that’s pretty great (hence why I’m here!). 🙂

  • Angela @ HonestlyAngela

    I am sorry that you had to deal with some negative comments, but good for you for not taking it personally.

    There is no one perfect way to eat. People are free to choose to eat with whatever restrictions they want on their diet. I don’t know why other people would care so much what you are eating. If they don’t like it they should just stop reading!

    • Jessica

      She very clearly too it personally

  • STOP TEASING ME with this delicious FATTY MEATTTTTTTTT!!!! Ah ha ha ha ah! I am certainly NOOOOO VEGAN!

  • Hil

    I’m not a vegan but do you realize how terrible you eat for your heart health? All these fatty meats are not good. Also, maybe you should be a little more mature.

  • Cat

    Hahaha you are too awesome! Ok, I personally love vegans. I do understand that there is definitely some environmental impact from commercial meat farming (is that what it’s called!?) and some ethical issues there too. But I can’t live without my animal produce (f* taking B12 every day of my life) and if others are willing to lesson my environmental load? I thank them.

    And the extra bacon comment made me actually lol.

    And… I need to try knee cartilage. Oh THE GELATIN.

  • fiona

    Why are you so negative and rude? All bloggers must get rude comments from time to time but it’s so yuck to read your response and venting.

  • fiona

    you do know that Jenn isn’t including you in WIAW… your tone is so off.

  • natiann123


  • ken

    You GO GIRL.. Why do people feel the need to push their views on others? If you want to live a certain way – DO it but do not push it on me. For the people who provide facts as to why their belief/ lifestyle is better – be careful not to become the next extremist.

  • Emma

    Can’t wait til you get 18! Your birthday is in April, isn’t it? :*

  • I totally agree with you! They need to be more respectful! I almost fell into the veganism trap but because of all the horrible representatives I encountered while exploring the lifestyle it’s just something I’m not up for yet!