Why You Should Eat Liver

Now you know why and how to eat pork skin, it’s time to move onto another neglected organ that most people turn their noses at: Liver.

Remember that time I ate liver from my #LIPlinkup post?

beef liver


Yes. I brought that to school, because I’m too darn cool to just be eating regular pork. I topped mine with parsley and used some fish sauce for flavour.

Why the hell would I eat Liver?!

  • It has Vitamin K2(everyone knows vitamin K1: the blood clotter, but Vitamin K2 transports and deposits minerals and vitamins like D and calcium to the right places
  • It contains CoQ10, an important supplement that aids cardiovascular function
  • It contains vitamins A and B complex
  • And well, it has protein!
  • It’s more nutrient-dense than any other meat
  • If you don’t eat it I will

T’is true: If you aren’t going to eat it, then there’s more for me, thank you very much. The liver has about 400 functions, one of which is to provide energy, one of which is to aid weight loss, and one of which is to eliminate toxins. Your liver is a powerhouse! They say in eastern medicine to eat the parts of an animal that you yourself need healing. I myself know that I don’t have the best liver, kidney, hypothalamus and spleen function(wait, can you eat the hypothalamus of an animal? I have never ate brains before but I’m willing to try, being the caveman I am), but even if you don’t it’s still a good idea to eat these to support your system.

Where the hell can I find liver?

Your best bet is the local grocery market, but if they don’t have it, you can request it at a local butcher or farm. They’re usually cheaper than regular cuts of meat because they’re unconventional. If they’re grassfed, even better. They usually look something like this when you purchase them raw, but don’t be daunted because they’re really not as gross as you think:

Oh, please. Stop overreacting.

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How the hell Do I Cook Liver?

Why not give this simple recipe a try to see if you like it?

Simple Liver Satay

Yield: 1

Serving Size: 1


  • 4 oz animal liver
  • Pesto sauce(or any sauce of your choice)
  • 2 tbsp. Cooking oil (of your choice)


  1. Bring water to a boil in a pot and boil the liver in the pot for 5 minutes.
  2. Strain the meat and place on cutting board.
  3. Slice into thin slices(unless you have chicken, then skip this step).
  4. On medium heat, satay the meat until it is fully brown front and back and season it with salt and pepper to your liking.
  5. Place cooked meat on a plate and top with the sauce of your choice(chilli, pesto, whatever)
  6. Taddaa!


Still don’t like it? No worries; Liver is an acquired taste, just like cheese if you’re Chinese and you try it for your first time(oh my goodness; back in 2001 I was all, what is this thing?!) Simply keep your leftovers for an upcoming recipe that you can throw these in and serve your friends…and they won’t even know it’s there…

Keep your eyes peeled for a very special recipe that’ll tell you how to cook them without tasting them at all(if you aren’t a fan!)

a linkup with Jenn, Amanda, Becky, Katie, and Heather.

Have you ever tried liver? What are you thoughts on unconventional parts of meat?

  • Angela @ HonestlyAngela

    I am way too picky about red meat to try liver. You can have mine any day!

  • ooh I am sure it’s good for you but I’ve been a vegetarian since I was 12!

  • I’ve tried liver and am not a fan. Have you tried chicken gizzards? Lol, my mom used to make it in one of her dishes and I actually liked it. :p

  • If I got liver served to me…I’d very graciously and generously give it to you?! :D?!

  • My mother LOVESSSSSS the liver! Loves it. I can only do it in TINY doses because it’s just sooooo rich. I have a ton of Monk Fish Liver in my cabinet though, I need to use it.

  • Angela

    Just curious but do you ever think about the ethics of eating meat? About the meat industry’s contribution to our climate change etc. This is not an offense (I’m an omnivore as well) but lately I’ve been feeling some dissonance over meat eating and our social responsibility to support food sustainability.

    • That is why you should know where your meat is coming from. We have a local farmer we get out meat from. Knowing how the animal is raised and put to death is important to us. By obtaining our meat in this manner we feel better about the meat we are eating. I suggest everyone do this.

  • Liver makes me a little quesy to be honest! But I know there are some real health benefits associated with eating it.

  • My mom use to make liver and try to get me to eat it. Even dosed with ketchup I couldn’t stomach liver, but I do love liver sausage and pate’ Wonder if it still has all the same benefits.

  • Donna Allgaier-Lamberti

    I have one big concern about eating animal liver meat, unless you can prove it is 100% organic. The liver is the primary organ that clears the toxins out of the body of the animal it use to inhabit. It is filled with those toxins. I do not feel it is safe to eat liver due to that issue.

    • That’s true but also remember that toxins are stored in the fat of animals, so unless you also avoid eating animal fats on a ketogenic diet then eating liver is justified too. I personally would rather eat thr liver because the liver is designed to filter out itself clean.

  • I have tried liver when I was a kid and I remember how I disliked the taste of it. Though I don’t exactly remember how does it taste right now, I feel hesitated to try eating liver again.
    However, I didn’t know that liver has this much of benefits. So thanks for sharing!

  • Hi Linda! Okay I saw this headline a few times and just had to click and read it. I’ve definitely eaten liver at restaurants (we’ve got some good food here in San Francisco), but would be scared to cook it at home and probably won’t. Thanks for the benefits of this under-appreciated protein though, love to hear what others are nibbling on and why.

  • My family all loves liver, but I seriously hate the taste. Don’t get me wrong, I love the smell. It makes my mouth water every time. But eating it? I just can’t do it. It is the only food that I cannot stomach. Which is too bad, now that I know all of the benefits of eating it…

  • Heather

    I’ve never had liver! I can’t barely handle chicken so i don’t think I’d be able to touch liver. 🙂

  • I’ve learned to love liver. I prefer to cook it myself, but in a pinch I buy Freybe liver sausage (which I’m sure you’d enjoy — it’s fairly cheap at most grocery stores, but isn’t as great as pure liver as it contains other filler) to eat on toast.

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