Oysters. Snow. 10K. Leg Warmers. – Life In Pictures #11

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Here we go!

paleo book sale

You don’t want to miss this!

A reminder of the $1 Paleo Book event going live on November 25th and you can check out all the info here; you really don’t want to miss this smash hit deal! Find your favourite paleo books for literally just 99 cents.


gym selfie

Treadmill aftershock.

NEW PR ON THE TREADMILL: 2 Miles in 17:17. (Warmup included)

snow evening

Woooowie, and it’s 7am…

magnesium bisglycinate

Magnesium bisglycibate chelate arrived today. Not sure how many milligrams are actual magnesium glycinate though and I wonder if CHELATE means more concentrated form of magnesium.

leg warmers

My first pair ever.

Adapt Your Life

Keto friendly bars. In CANADA? Enter coupon free220 here at checkout to receive a free ADAPT sample with your order!

New leg warmers. Yes yes yes. I’m feeling like a million bucks now.

perfect pie monologue


The beautiful monologue from Perfect pie that I will use for digital submission to Juilliard and Trisch NYU.

The oysters turned out marvelously!!!

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A linkup again with KatieBeckyJenn, and Heather too, because they’re always great.

Fitful Focus
And a linkup with Nicole From the past!

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  • Super cute leg warmers! Congrats on your treadmill and 10k PR, so awesome!!!

    • Aw, thank you ann marie! I just discovered your blog and I’m following via bloglovin now.

      Would you be dropping by the #LIPlinkup blog hop sometime, maybe next time on the 5th of December? 🙂

      • Yes! I think that will be fun! I will mark it on my calendar ..hopefully I don’t forget 😉

  • Dannii @ Hungry Healthy Happy

    Congrats on the PR!
    You can send some snow this way if you want? 🙂

  • MB Jackson

    Congrats on the 10K finish! That is my goal too- I am almost there! I love oysters! Stay Warm!

  • I’ve started pulling out the leg warmers too ;P and congrats on the 10k!!

  • Nicole

    Leg warmers. YES!! Obsessed! Thanks for joining in 🙂

  • love the leg warmers and oysters of course! stay warm friend

  • Oooof! I can’t imagine having that much snow yet! Ugh, I hope we don’t get much here! Leg warmers huh? Hey, if they keep you warm, its worth it!

  • Anna

    Hey Linda- Just so you know, the school you’re applying to at NYU is “Tisch,” not TRisch. I only mention this because you’ve typed it incorrectly every time you’ve mentioned it, so I know it’s not a typo. I think you’d be great there, so make sure you spell/say it correctly on your application/interview! Good luck : )

  • That’s an awesome run! Those oysters look delicious. Your meals are so interesting (and all look really good — I love things like liver and bone broth too). It’s a refreshing change from the usual healthy living blogger sweet potato/avocado/oatmeal rotation (though I’m not really one to talk given how much oatmeal I consume). Have a great week!

  • Oysters make me SO VERY HAPPY!! I ADORE THEM 🙂 I eat them at lunch, among other things! I actually ordered a case of 24 cans from amazon, LOL!

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