Life in Pictures Link Up #5 – Niagra Falls

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Here we go!

9:30pm Friday.


Yay. Best Value Inn. You get exactly what you pay for.


He couldn’t finish!


ahh, the lights!


You should’ve seen the fudge factory.


Butter. Sugar. Evaporated milk. Repeat.

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It blew legit fire!

It blew legit fire!


Pretty pretty skywheel…




Good morning.

Cold Showers.

Cold Showers.


Complimentary breakfast. Nope nope nope. >:(


Guess the flavours!


Ma breakfast.


What a beaut!





Awwwww yeah.

uh huh, honey.

Dinner: Dad: “Pizza or Swiss Chalet?”


#ALLMINE! (Minus the bun.)


that skin… mmm….


Half chicken combo.

Butter. Yay or nay?

Butter. Yay or nay? I regret using 6.


Mom and dad’s orders.





look at my little bro!


Pick your own!


It’s blushing :*)



Then home.

I am linking up today with Jenn and Katie.

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Have you ever been to Niagra Falls? Or have you seen a waterfall up-close?


  • Nicole Renee

    Looks like you had an awesome time! I’ve never been there but looks like I have to go now 🙂

    • I sure did! You should visit Niagra falls, Nicole! I have a post coming up next week explaining everything I did and I think you’re going to love the Fudge Factory….

  • Katie

    Great pics- give me that fudge asap!!

  • Ok I don’t think I could have controlled myself around that melty fudge goodness… Plus dinosaurs and crispy chicken skin? DREAM DAY 😀

  • So fuuuuun!!!!! I wish I could have come haha! You did SO much, what an awesome vacation! I bet you’re missing it–or relieved it’s over and can really rest now haha.

  • Marion Harvie

    Looks great! Good food choices too

  • Your dinner looks so good! 😀 The fudge looks delicious too. I’ve been wanting to try making homemade fudge! :O

  • Danielle: Eat Primal, Run Hard

    You went on a weekend (?) break to Niagara with your family and saw the waterfalls. The hotel continental breakfast didn’t have paleo-frinedly food choices. You had Swiss Chalet for dinner one night (LOVE their chicken). You went to Canada’s Wonderland (??? Not sure, can’t remember where that is). You toured around the fertile lands of Niagara/Niagara-on-the-Lake, hence the shot of the peach.

    Thanks for the invite, looking forward to the next party 🙂

    • You got most of it right, except we didn’t go to wonderland! The waterpark you see is Fallsview waterpark at Niagra falls. Details and story to come within the next week or so!
      Can’t wait to see you on September 12 🙂

  • I can’t believe they light up the falls with all of those colors! It is so beautiful there. I am a huge fan of cake icing, so I am happy to see there was not a spec of icing left on that cake. 😉 I would also die if I went to a fudge factory because I would eat it all and OD on sugar!

  • mslibbyliu

    Your siblings are adorable! I went to Niagra a couple of years ago and had a lot of fun in the little historic town that’s a short drive away (on the Canadian side) and walking around the American side. 🙂

    • mslibbyliu

      You’re adorable too :p

      • Aw, you’re the best, Libby 🙂 Glad things have started to settle down for you a bit enough for you to join our next #LIPlinkup!

  • I didn’t know you can grow peaches in the North. How did you get breakfast that morning? #wowlinkup

  • Sherry

    Very nice pictures! Love the Skywheel one! #wowlinkup

  • Ummm, spell check is a must so not to offend. My mom has an awesome photo at Niagara falls I remember as a child. She looked gorgeous there. Looks like you had fun! #wowlinkup.

  • I could totally go for some fudge right now! #wowlinkup

  • Markita @SweshFit

    Wow the lights…fudge…food! All of this looks amazing! #wowlinkup