WIAW #3 / Friday 5 #3 – NO CARDIO?! + Summerlicious + Keto-Paleo diet

Okay, so a few things in my life has changed and I want to all write it down and update m’ fitties! I know, I know, IT’S NOT EVEN CLOSE TO A FRIDAY AHH! WELL SLAP ME IN JAIL FOR DISOBEYING THE LAW! But this Friday I’m hosting #LIPlinkup #2! Have you seen the last one? Why not come join us? Slap some pictures on and call it a post. Seriously time-non-consuming and you get some publicity for your blog! And oh, because this Tuesday post is pushed back, I’ve combined my Friday 5 with WIAW. And they’re both on #3, what a coincidence! Of course, this would mean I’m linking up with Jenn again. I’d also like to shout out to Amanda for her Thinking Out Loud series!
Katie too!



#1. Finally adapting a full, proper keto-paleo diet.

Typical keto diet macros.

After going in and out of low carb dieting(eating low carb by day, carbing up by night because my family forces me to eat what they eat), I’m finally diving head first into the lifestyle now that I had my mother talk with Maria, a keto-diet expert. Finally! Incase you don’t already know, I have amenhorrea caused by emotional stress, unhealthy thyriod, and low progesterone. It’s not caused by low body fat(hoho are you serious? I am far from it if I’m still aiming to lose weight!) nor excessive exercise, that’s for sure. I want to vlog the journey, so I’m going to create a youtube channel talking about my day, my eats, my sleep, etc. I’ll also create another professional YouTube channel specifically for workouts.


I’ve been told by Maria to cut out cardio completely for at least the rest of the month…and I am flipping out.

I’m really, really upset right now.

I’m really anxious about losing all my fitness and not being able to come back strong enough for cross country season. I’m really nervous and deep down, scared. Cardio is also what I live for, just like some people get a thrill from lifting weights, I feel really alive when I do cardio. Instead of doing cardio, I’ve been told to lift weights. This downright sucks! I’m not a lifter! Don’t get me wrong– it’s just not my thing, and while I’m all willing to try out new things, lifting heavy things and putting them down doesn’t appeal to me as much twisting, jumping, and doing aerobics. I at least can still do yoga, which still isnt the same as cardio.

Adapt Your Life

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 Well, here goes nothing. I’ll start off with dumbbells.

 #3. Summerlicious!

Have you guys heard of Summerlicious?

I have never been to a fine dining restaurant, only a casual dine-in restaurant. Now, that’s not to say that Summerlicious is just fine dining restaurants. In fact, I can’t really tell which ones are and which ones aren’t, but what it is, is some of those nice ass restaurants in Toronto open up them doors and give yo ass a real nice meal at discount price!

…but is it really discounted? Who knows. Lunch ranges from $15 up and Dinner from $25. They probably chose the closest thing on their menu that was close enough to the price and called it a day. Even so! I want to go!

#4. Eggs and Bacon with coconut oil!

What more typical a breakfast than eggs and bacon?

What more typical a breakfast than eggs and bacon?

What more typical of a breakfast than eggs and bacon? I had 2 egg whites with 2 slices of bacon and a yolk mixture on the side. It was supposed to be hollandaise sauce–homemade hollandaise sauce–but it didn’t turn out very well and I had a yolk mixture I had to use it. It also explains why I have so much egg whites on keto. Usually I don’t discriminate the yolk, but I don’t see the harm in purchasing the whites themselves either! I also added chopped cilantro to add some potassium, as a well rounded keto diet requires much more potassium and sodium than a regular diet because you’re losing a lot of electrolytes that you gotta replenish. And hey ho, I almost always use coconut oil for cooking now! In the picture I happened to have another brand than my usual favourite one, which you can get here from Tropical Traditions! They are real experts with ze coconot.

#5. Kale Chips

Kale Chips with the little sis

Kale Chips with the little sis

My little sister is so self-concious in front of the camera. I think this is the first time I’ve caught a picture of her on camera with an authentic smile. Anyway, I made kale chips! They are literally so simple: oil, kale, and salt are really all you need. I added some walnuts in there for extra omega-3’s and just for kicks. I think it makes for a better picture when there’s a second colour sprinkled over. She herself wasn’t a huge fan of these chips, but I am! Doritos and cheetos and fatso days are over for me. I can live on kale chips, no worries. Come to think of it, I can just eat the kale with the dressing on like this. I don’t even have to bake them!


Are you going to Summerlicious? Have you ever been banned from some sort of cardio and how was your rest period? Please tell me it wasn’t torture?!

  • # 1 – HELL YES TO THE KETO LIFESTYLE!!! I am all about that life and couldn’t love it more.

    # 2 – OMG if someone told me to cut out cardio for a month, I WOULD DIE!! I wouldn’t know what else to do! LOL! However, I feel like I PROBABLY SHOULD experiment and see what happens because I am a cardio FREAK!

    # 3 – KALE CHIPS are flipping amazing… As I do most baked veggies chips! SO YUMMMM!

  • 1)Your little sis is so cute!!
    2)I think it’s great that you need to cut the cardio out. I think too many people get hooked on it & weight lifting & strength training is more important & beneficial, at least IMO. Weights build muscle & muscle boosts metabolism… it also doesn’t hurt that it is more solid & makes us look sexier. 😉 You should try the Les Mills Pump/Bodypump style workouts or videos – love them!
    3)Congrats on embarking on the keto journey… hope it works out for you! 🙂

    • Why, thank you! I just don’t think anything else is as fun. I love the high beating of my heart, the breathlessness it takes away from me. I already have enough muscle mass, so I’m not worried about losing them 🙂 I was just looking up bodypump at my latest goodlife today, actually! It’d be a great class to do while Im on break. Gah, won’t you take my break for me??!! I wanna cry everytime I see someone run or do HIIT!

  • I agree you little sis is adorable!!! Banned from cardio?!?!?!….not unless I have a broken something! lol KNOCK ON WOOD #wowlinkup

  • Cat

    I banned myself from cardio a little while ago and never looked back! But then, when I was honest with myself I didn’t enjoy it in the first place. I’m sure you can learn to love lifting though! And yes, at least you still have yoga (<- my favourite!)

  • Ok so we are all pretending it’s friday now right? Great! Hellllllls yeah to that keto diet! and at least you still have yoga?

  • I can’t imagine going a month without any kind of cardio! I only have 3 lb weights so I’d get bored quickly!

    • Exactly! I’m trying to keep it positive but there really isn’t much I can do. Once you eliminate cardio you eliminate a bunch of options 🙁

  • Lindsay @ Lindsay Weighs In

    LOVE The Hills GIF, haha. AND there’s no reason for your sister to be self conscious in front of the camera – she’s adorable!!!

    • She is! But media and other kids have taught her to grow up the wrong way. 🙁

      • Lindsay @ Lindsay Weighs In

        Tell her I said she is beautiful!!! Gosh, people can be the worst.

  • Do you suffer from hypo or hyperthyroidism? I’m hypo and I need a lot of fiber in my diet. From what food source are you getting your fiber? #wowlinkup

    • I don’t know! Maybe hyper, but even then I struggle with weight loss so i sort of doubt it. I do know that my thyroid might be contributing to the problem, though.

  • I love lifting and yoga so a ban from cardio is heaven to me. I really dislike it. I guess I’m kinda banned from cardio right now because I’m just concentrating on strength training and yoga. I made spinach chips before and they were pretty good. I really need to make the kale chips. #wowlinkup

    • Spinach chips? I haven’t heard of that one before, but you sound like an advanced yogi to me! Haa, come over sometime and lets yoga together.

  • Ok Ok you are blowing my mind with these terms. What is KETO paleo? I thought there was just paleo? And no cardio with weight lifting? Why? Can you tell I’m confused? #wowlinkup

    • Keto basically means low carbs and high fat! Paleo means only foods our ancestors had access to, so no processed foods and no wheat or soy or legumes or dairy.

      What’s cardio WITH weight lifting? I just can’t do any sort of cardio at all! Except maybe walking.

  • Yikes on the no cardio for a month! That’s tough! But the coconut oil with eggs is something I’m definitely going to have a to give a try. #wowlinkup

  • I stopped doing cardio and all intense exercise when I was trying to get my hormones back on track as well, and aside from the first little while, it really wasn’t that bad. You just have to look into finding other things to occupy your time 🙂

    • Really? Can you tell me more? Do you have a. lost talking about eat you went through? Did you go through amenhorrea too? I’m struggling with finding other things to do, because cardio is such a huge range of exercise and they’re all eliminated, so i really don’t know what’s a fun workout anymore! Save me, Amanda!

  • Amanda H

    Oh man no cardio for a month is rough! Super interested to see how the keto diet goes for you. #wowlinkup

  • Rachel Gilmore

    Lol you crack me up! I come from a solely lifting “dont put me down for cardio” attitude now, even though that was my jam back in HS and college. You can incorporate cardio movements into lifting, as well as supersets, dropsets, and plyos and other things to elevate the HR; but she may want you to build a good muscle base to speed up your metabolism. You’ll still have it afterwards 🙂 I wish you a ton of luck! Welcome to the dark side 😉

    How did you bake the kale chips? I may browse the comments just in case you answered this. And I am definitely interested to hear about the keto diet! I know it works for some and want to learn more. #wowlinkup

    • Hahaha, the dark side? Hope the dark aide is as fun as the other side. I really don’t know how to spend an hour lifting things up and putting them back down.

      I baked them at 350F for 20 minutes, but broiling them may work too!

      • Rachel Gilmore

        Haha, yeah not ‘literally’ the dark side 🙂 I think it is! I hope you find it enjoyable as well! I like to mix things up all sorts of ways to keep it interesting. Thanks for the tip I will definitely be trying these!

  • Arman @ thebigmansworld

    Wow, i didn’t realise the reasoning behind going keto were for those reasons- I’m intrigued to follow! a few of my mates follow that principle style of eating and it’s a big transition but they love it!

    • Keto is so healing, and so much more than just weight loss 🙂 I’m glad. youre intruiged–hope you’ll adapt it yourself some day.

  • Gosh, I’m so glad I found your blog! I love Kale Chips too & talked about that sometime ago too. Nice sharing, sweetie!

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  • We have restaurant week coming up here in Baltimore or did it pass? Either way I plan to do that. I have had to stop cardio for a period of time when I hurt my knee at the beginning of this year. It is all better now and I am BACK stronger than ever with my cardio. Can you post your YT channel again so I can rewatch it about the definition of keto? Thanks so much and very happy you participate in our weekly workout linkup. #wowlinkup

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