NuNaturals Review and Giveaway!

nunaturals giveawayWhoever said “Sugar and spice, and everything nice” didn’t know how not nice sugar actually is. And they probably didn’t know what stevia was.

As a paleolithic low carb baker, sugar is not in my pantry, and neither is flour or gluten. So alternative sweeteners and extracts are essential for my baking needs to keep the taste but minus the harmful effects. Stevia is probably my favourite sweetener of all time!

What is stevia? It is a sweetener extracted from the leaf of a stevia plant and made into powder or syrup form to use in cooking. It’s sweet and all natural and commonly used to sweeten foods without using sugar. It has a low glycemic index.
Let’s talk about why I like Stevia:


  • It’s a great alternative to sugar
  • It has 0 calories

Need I say more? I have a sweet tooth and want to enjoy my dessert without feeling guilty. Sugar, honey, and dried fruits are out of the question, so that leaves sugar alcohols. Since I’m paleo, I don’t eat artificial sweeteners like sucralose and aspartame but instead I use all natural ones like erythritol, Lo han guo and stevia.

I was lucky enough to partner with Nunaturals for a product review and giveaway! 4 Winners will receive one bottle of each: Lemon extract, Peppermint extract, Cherry Vanilla Extract, a 50 packet box of Nustevia White Stevia Powder Packets, and a free bonus product! This is a retail value of $48! The giveaway is international.

I like Nunaturals because they not only sell stevia, but also extracts as well in liquid and powder form. Perfect for the oven, but so versatile you can add it in just about anything. All their products are natural, gluten free, and FOS free, reducing digestion problems. They sent a generous package for review! Argh, let’s dive right into the wonderful things they offer!

Nunaturals Tagatose

Nunaturals Tagatose

Adapt Your Life

Keto friendly bars. In CANADA? Enter coupon free220 here at checkout to receive a free ADAPT sample with your order!

Tagatose is a sweetener found in milk, fruits and vegetables. It’s lactose free and gluten free. why tagatose? Replaces sugar on a one on one ratio. Browns and caramelizes like sugar. Not nearly as low calorie as stevia(6cals/serving) but I like how it has similar properties as sugar so when I use a recipe that calls for regular granulated sugar, I can replace it without having to do math. Also, sometimes subbing in different amounts from the regular amount messes up the texture(experienced bakers, you feel me?) and it won’t come out the way you want it to. That’s why Tagatose is so great.

NuStevia and Flavoured stevia liquids

NuStevia and Flavoured stevia liquids

Peppermint, Vanilla, Cherry Vanilla, and Lemon Extracts. What handy use they come into flavouring! They come with a little top you measure the liquid drops in. How cute. My favourite flavour is no doubt the peppermint. I live for peppermint everything. And Stevia packets! Great for use on the go. Add it in your tea or coffee and replace those Splenda packets.

Oat Flour!

Oat Flour!

Oat flour. Oat flour is 0 calories and 0 net carbs. It’s great to replace flour but I would use it sparingly; oats are an anti-nutrient and don’t abide by paleo. I’ll be experimenting A LOT with this thing to see if I can come up with a low carb variation VitaTops, or otherwise known as muffin tops…

Nunaturals has got something going on. I love the variety of low carb, all natural products they sell that are great for the home cook(other than their stevia packets, which you can just grab and go). It feels great. I feel like I have so much power in my hands. I don’t know about you, but Nunaturals is staying in my pantry!

Stay tuned for future recipes involving Nunaturals! Stock up your pantry so you can cook with me: Use code BLG0614 at for a 15% discount at checkout! Expires June 30 2014. Online ordering customers also receive free shipping to the continental US on all orders exceeding  $35.00 after discounts.

Or, you can win your own collection of Nunatural Products through Rafflecopter below! You win one of each: Lemon / Cherry Vanilla / Peppermint flavoured stevia liquids, a 50 packet box of Nustevia powder,  AND  a free bonus product! What have you got to lose?

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Disclaimer: I was provided these products for review, however all my opinions are honest. I was not compensated to write a positive review. Nunaturals does not will to P O boxes.

Do you eat sweets? What do you use to sweeten your treats?