top 5 best exercise for amazing abs

Want abs like mine?

I’ve compiled some of my favourite, secret-ish moves that I use to get strong abs. And, paired some some great eating and cardio sessions, you can shed off the fat and get a defined look. So I made a video for you to follow along.

If you have time, see if you can do this workout back to back(so twice through) with as little break as possible. I filmed this in my living when my family was out so I could have some privacy and shamelessly strip off my top to reveal some skin.

Some of this moves(in non-chronological order):

Double Leg Lift

double leg llift!

It looks like I’m saying, “Yikes,” in this double leg lift!

Reverse Crunch

reverse crunch

Keep that tailbone off the ground!

Butterfly Kickouts


Otherwise known as “D”-kicks



(I’m so mature)

Single Leg DROPS

single leg lift

That’s right, not LIFTS, but DROPS, because drops are harder and I’ve complied only the very best moves for you.



I bet you’ve never seen this move before. Fancy, huh?(not really, just hard!)


So if you’ve done the video in its entirety, you’ll find there are a few moves more than 5, but only 5 main ones. Make sure you’re subscribed to my Fitness Channel and my nonsensical vlog channel on youtube to make my youtube dream come true! :)

What did you think of the workout? On a scale of 1-10, how hard was it?

Most hated ab move?

What kind of video would you like to see next?

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The Chiptole Hiring Chronicles {#LIPlinkup #21}

If you've followed me from Tumblr, you'll know that after my first experience at Chipotle, I've applied to work there! I am waiting eagerly to hear back from my second interview at Chipotle’s! One if the team managers said they liked me because the minutes I walked into the first interview he saw me dancing to the radio song, shake it off, and he said he pointed at me to one of the other members and said, “she’s getting hired, she’s fun.” And he told me this and my heart just JUMPED...
Selfie Post 14k Run


Oh my Gosh, I did it. I freakin, freakin freakin DID IT! I ran 14 kilometers today in 1 hour, 25 minutes. If you don’t want the whole novel I'm about to launch into, here’s the short form: I did it fasted It was windy outside I went to the track and ran 6 laps (1 fast, 1 recovery x 3 and then 3 more laps) I ran the park loop twice I ran on pavement I got blisters on my feet I’m so happy I could die! I didn’t intend to even run today when I woke up, seeing the -10 degree Celsius sign on my phone. Then I checked the “real feel” rating which read -6, and a part of me sighed in relief, knowing I could run in that temperature. Another part of me gulped as I threw the sheets over my sleep-heavy body again, closing my eyes. I was ready for the long run. I was still slightly sore from Friday’s speed round at school, but if Tina Muir could do it, I could do it too. Besides, today was Sunday. I had the entire day yesterday to rest up. It took another 15 minutes of lying in bed, thinking about boy-cut hairstyles and bathing in bath salts till I got up and about. As I headed out the door, I hesitated with deciding what to wear. Would it be too cold to head out in a t-shirt, hoodie, and leggings? That’s what I’m wearing indoors, but I’ll warm up as I start to run, right?
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Labeling Meals “Breakfast”, “Lunch”, and “Dinner”. {WIAW #14}

Since doing keto/paleo and intermittent fasting, I rarely see my meals as "Breakfast", "Lunch", and "Dinner" any more. Why put labels? Can I not eat eggs and sausages for dinner? Besides, being on this diet is so satiating that I just eat pretty much whenever, whether that be 2pm or 5. My food is pretty wound up to be meal #1, #2, and #3 or more. Let's hit up a sample day of what I eat!
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Chiptole Interviews, Abuse From “Dad” + Life Latelys

He yells at me so loud that the person renting our family room could no doubt, hear, and twice he raised his hand to slap me and take I flinch. He was furious—and for what? Two plates? I’ve had friends who leave their dishes for the entire week and never have to wash anything for themselves! I’d open my mouth to say something but I knew all my attempts would be redundant and would just drive them even further into hysterious rage. I’ve reported my dad twice to Children's aid society, so I think he dare touches me physically because he’s been warned; but a part of me wanted him, dared him to beat the fuck out of me, just so I could call the police and have shit go down with him. I wish I could explain everything I am feeling and how badly my relationship to my family is, but i have no words to explain, and if you asked, only a sigh would escape my lips. On a positive side, i worked nearly 8 hours, the longest shift I’ve had since my first day(new years eve; 11 hours) and it was busy, which meant there was a lot of fun things to do. When my boss was out, I snuck two slices of bacon in the microwave and ate it. I’m terrible :P but I consider it “living like a teenager” for once. I’ve never been free and impulsive and immature and always the good girl, never living life and laughing and doing mischief, it actually felt kind of good. :)
What happened when I gave up exercise for 10 days

What Happened When I Gave Up Exercise For 10 Days

It sucks to get super ripped only to fall off the wagon and backtrack permanently--having something for a short period of time doesn't mean a thing as working slower and being more restful and keeping the results you get. If you want to go hard and have the energy to do so, make sure you give yourself the rest it needs so IT CAN DO SO! And you won't feel like crap all the time before your workouts and maybe even actually look forward to exercise like you look forward to sex. hmm? ;)