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Here we go!

I honestly did not think this day would happen for me. Why? Because I didn’t expect to go to prom. I didn’t feel like I deserved it. I didn’t feel like I had many friends to spend time to party with. I didn’t have the money to go, but somehow, I made ends meet and this happened for me, just like the athletic banquet! And like the athletic banquet, I had a blast and I had so much fun, despite not having any close friends at school. Despite the fact that I felt like a loner at school and spent the majority of my time on my phone and disassociating myself from the superficial, demanding and rich girls at school that I could never live up to and the super cocky and witty guys in my class, I still had a wonderful time socializing and taking photos with everyone.

I’ve had problems fitting in–and always have been the misfit!


I had the best time at Prom. I don’t regret going at all, like I feared I would’ve!

So first of all, I arrived at Kayla’s house and we prepped our outfits together, changing and putting on makeup. I curled my own hair and I’m not even cosmetic-smart. She did liquid eyeliner on me as I panicked between choose between two dresses; the purple one or the red. The purple gives me more bust and hips, but made me look like a flower bud while the red one was more “night-club” and sexy.

(haha, she looks like a monkey!)

Both looked good on me, but I went with the red one who gave  me a more mature look. Kayla disagreed with my choice, but I’m happy with my decision because it made me feel more confident in my skin. Besides…


prom kayla and me


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I’m all dolled up for once?! Not wearing baggy hoodies and yoga tights? Everyone who saw me AT prom was like, “Oh my god…Linda?!, like I was a whole new person!



After the prep, we hurried over to Lucas’s house(Kayla’s boyfriend) to get in his Limo. I initially wanted to surprise my date by blindfolding him throughout the ride and then revealing my look as we arrive at the scene, but I didn’t…what ended up happening was that Daniel( egg boy ) stole my idea and told kayla to blindfold me instead! This doesnt make sense to me because I think the girl has more to show and should be the surprise, but anyway, refusing to mess up my makeup, I complied and closed my eyes. I stayed blind as we hopped from car to the limo. Just before Kayla, me, Daniel, and Lucas(and two other guys) got into the limo, Daniel said, “wow!” as he saw me(and I smiled), but I still didn’t see him because my eyes were closed. Oh yeah, remember his promposal?

And then I opened my eyes.

He looked young! He shaved, and he wore a red bowtie which matched my red dress. I’m so glad I went with the red dress and he was glad he ditched his grey tie!

And being the loveable odd person he is, he brought with him a liter of chocolate milk, a comb, and a container of gel.

And off we were in the limo. My very first time in a limo.

prom limo

Stay tuned for part 2!


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What was your prom like? Did you go with a date?

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I Ran. A Half Marathon.

I RAN A HALF MARATHON. OH MY GOD I AM FREAKING OUT. I went out today with the intention of just running 14k, which was 2k less than what I did last week. Little did I know my body was capable of pushing so far, of doing so well. The longer I spent on my feet the faster I felt myself become, and when I saw 18k approach on my Fitbit, I said, why not push 3k more for a half marathon?
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My PromPosal Story

It all started at lunch. Suddenly, "Chariots of Fire" started playing over the PA system and I saw from around the corner of the hall a guy who was running in slow motion with a group of people behind him cheering in silence. I didn't recognize Daniel at first, but as he got closer I wondered what on earth he was doing. I figured it was some sort of flash mob advertisement for The 30 Hour Famine movement going on soon at our school a movement both myself, him, and a group of friends were participating in(it's a movement to raise awareness for hungry children) and for just a split second I thought it was odd for Daniel to have volunteered to make such a scene in public; he was the shy type of guy. Halfway through he grabbed fake pink flowers from a guy and everyone in the hall(who was in on the prank) took out their phones and I thought it was because they wanted to capture the weirdness happening while it was still happening. Streamers were thrown around in the hall and one of them landed on me. As The song came close to an end, Daniel awkwardly ripped open his shirt to reveal a white t-shirt with pink text:
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If you've followed me from Tumblr, you'll know that after my first experience at Chipotle, I've applied to work there! I am waiting eagerly to hear back from my second interview at Chipotle’s! One if the team managers said they liked me because the minutes I walked into the first interview he saw me dancing to the radio song, shake it off, and he said he pointed at me to one of the other members and said, “she’s getting hired, she’s fun.” And he told me this and my heart just JUMPED...
Selfie Post 14k Run


Oh my Gosh, I did it. I freakin, freakin freakin DID IT! I ran 14 kilometers today in 1 hour, 25 minutes. If you don’t want the whole novel I'm about to launch into, here’s the short form: I did it fasted It was windy outside I went to the track and ran 6 laps (1 fast, 1 recovery x 3 and then 3 more laps) I ran the park loop twice I ran on pavement I got blisters on my feet I’m so happy I could die! I didn’t intend to even run today when I woke up, seeing the -10 degree Celsius sign on my phone. Then I checked the “real feel” rating which read -6, and a part of me sighed in relief, knowing I could run in that temperature. Another part of me gulped as I threw the sheets over my sleep-heavy body again, closing my eyes. I was ready for the long run. I was still slightly sore from Friday’s speed round at school, but if Tina Muir could do it, I could do it too. Besides, today was Sunday. I had the entire day yesterday to rest up. It took another 15 minutes of lying in bed, thinking about boy-cut hairstyles and bathing in bath salts till I got up and about. As I headed out the door, I hesitated with deciding what to wear. Would it be too cold to head out in a t-shirt, hoodie, and leggings? That’s what I’m wearing indoors, but I’ll warm up as I start to run, right?
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Since doing keto/paleo and intermittent fasting, I rarely see my meals as "Breakfast", "Lunch", and "Dinner" any more. Why put labels? Can I not eat eggs and sausages for dinner? Besides, being on this diet is so satiating that I just eat pretty much whenever, whether that be 2pm or 5. My food is pretty wound up to be meal #1, #2, and #3 or more. Let's hit up a sample day of what I eat!